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Cake and Cookie Decorating Courses basic and advanced

Cake and Cookie Decorating Courses 
basic and advanced

(in English language)  

In English language I teach only in private courses form 2016.
You can learn at my workshop (in Hungary) in private course maximum 3 days.
I can work with only four people at the same time.

I help you to organize your travel and accommodation.


You can choose techniques what you are interested in.
You'll have to compile your wish list about the methods!

Options for syllabus for 24 hours (3 days x 8 hours):

  • 4 hours bake many especial, amazing shape from basic recipe dough, cookie on stick, how to bake large pieces, boxes and houses or churches.
  • 2 hours how to make nice colored shiny glazes on gingerbread
  • 4 hours: bake with construction gingerbread dough with cookie molds, mean 3 D cookie: bowl, sphere, egg, basket, rose. I will give you few delicious butter cookie recipe what is perfekt to use molds.
  • 6 hours: 3 D icing flowers with tubes: rose, lily, pansy, butterfly
  • 8 hours: pressure piping, with brush embroidery: kalocsai embroidery, flower bouquets,
  • 8 hours: royal icing constructions: collar and extension work on cakes, royal icing lace carriage, hart or bell...
  • 6 hours: intricate piping royal icing technique, Piped motifs, how to make run out icing (sugar coated)
  • 4 hour: colored panels, frames, how to use on cake. Whole cake with royal icing panels method is 8 hours,
  • 2 hours: overpiping on cookies,
  • 4 hours: overpiping on cakes.

You can choose techniques, more photos from my Facebook:

Laura from Italy

Tina from Greek, Rita from Hungary, Deji from England, Margit from Romania

Halima from Morocco

Gulnaz from Kyrgizthan

Houria, from Algeria

course workshop with molds

Participants workpieces

You can use the knowledge on cookies, cakes and gingerbreads.
The Price and more information: glazuresajz@gmail.com

If You want to know more professional practices, look for my book:

Wild knowledge how to create beautiful cookie gifts for yourself and others from gingerbread:


Techniques of Hungarian Gingerbread

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